About Us

Avion-mart is a nation wide  online shopping delivery system. which allow customers to buy products online and have them shipped straight to your doorstep.  . We will drop the package at the door without any face to face contact. It is safe, fast and convenient.

Avion is known for offering top quality products at prices significantly lower than other suppliers. Every customer gets our best price upfront. So no surprises and no need to haggle.

We initiate the package shipped on the same day , if (a) order is placed  by 3 P.M. EST Mon-Sun. (b) orders over $60.00.

We also offer 3 day return privileges on all non-perishable goods. We want you to be happy with every product you buy from us. If you are not fully satisfied, you can return any damaged product for complete refund/replacement.

During business hours, phone calls are always answered by a real person, not an automated system.

All products are safely stored in our clean warehouse under pristine conditions

24/7 climate control, dust control and refrigeration units guaranteed.