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Hesh Shikakai Powder, 100g

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Shikakai, Acacia Concinna, is an evergreen natural shrub mainly grown in India and some warm countries. The fruit pods, leaves and bark of the plant are dried and ground in to powder which are effective as mild natural soap. Shikakai hair pack adds shine and makes hair look much softer, as well as hair roots stronger and healthier.

Hesh Shikakai Powder is fully natural  and 100% Acacia Concinna dried powder. It is free from additives, perfumes or chemicals.

  • Jose Jacob 12/06/2021

    good product.

  • Jose Jacob 15/05/2021

    Excellent product

  • MUSKAN Doda 21/04/2021


  • MUSKAN Doda 21/04/2021


  • MUSKAN Doda 19/04/2021


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