24 Mantra Organic Moong Dal -2 lbs

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24 Mantra Organic Moong Dal -2 lbs

You need a protein source that's good for your body and has rich nutrients, you say? Well, this 24 Mantra Organic Moong Dal will be the perfect fit. Not only is it 100% organic and grown without synthetic pesticides or GMOs, but it also contains bio-active compound to promote healthier dietary choices. Filled with an optimal amount of protein to reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes while assisting in maintaining a healthy weight at the same time - these are just some of our thousand reasons why we think keeping yourself satisfied with quality food should be a top priority!


  • Jose Jacob 12/06/2021

    good product.

  • Jose Jacob 15/05/2021

    Excellent product

  • MUSKAN Doda 21/04/2021


  • MUSKAN Doda 21/04/2021


  • MUSKAN Doda 19/04/2021


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